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Our Services

We enable our clients around the world to launch their most demanding AI initiatives with reliable training data & collection services

AI Training Data

ML Data Ocean's cognitive data annotation and labeling services is that it gives organizations the key to unlock critical information found deep within unstructured data.

We're experts in developing, training and improving conversational AI and chatbots. Our annotation services are made possible, in part, by a global network of qualified linguists and an experienced project management team.

From smart cars and smart cities to improved smartphone cameras and security surveillance, image annotation is a specialty that ML Data Ocea excels for clients around the world. Using our AI data, we can enhance your AI-enabled machines as they use computer vision to detect patterns with image training data.

ML Data Ocean can annotate video for machine learning applications used in robotics for improved manufacturing, autonomous driving cars and even enhancing a consumer’s buying experience. We take that moving object, annotate it, and make it recognizable for machine learning.

AI Data Services

Audio, video, images or text – when we collect data we know what we’re collecting and what’s needed to drive your AI project in one direction: forward.

The task of labeling data & annotation must meet two essential parameters: quality & accuracy. After all, it is the data that both validates & trains the AI & ML models. 

Get Confidence to Deploy World-class AI

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