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ML Data Ocean can annotate video for machine learning applications used in robotics for improved manufacturing, autonomous driving cars and even enhancing a consumer’s buying experience. What we do best is accurately capture each object in a video, frame-by-frame. We take that moving object, annotate it, and make it recognizable for machine learning. We have the experience and the technology to help your team gain comprehensively labeled datasets to meet any video annotation requirement.

Video Data Collection

  • Video of humans in multiple variations

  • Custom video data collection

  • Video tracking eye movement

Video Annotation

  • Video labeling

  • Intent and sentiment analysis

  • Track human activity and pose estimation



ML Data Ocean's use cases include object identification (2D/3D bounding boxes, polygons, splines), object classification with attributes, facial key points detection, liveness detection & anti-spoofing, pixel-wise segmentation, person re-identification & more.

Get Confidence to Deploy World-class AI

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