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Top AI Use cases in Automotive Industry

Partial or Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Train your self-driving models with a wide range of road datasets that help improve learning models' reasoning power and causal understanding. With our annotations increase your learning model's accuracy.


Manufacturing Equipment

Revolutionize the way of manufacturing vehicles by using AI-powered robots to build custom cars and also minimize human need in assembling parts.

Vehicle Design and Testing

Save the time and cost of designing vehicles by computer modelling. Test vehicles before building a physical model by training them in a simulation with realistic scenarios.


Quality Control

Do not compromise with your brand standards. Use Computer vision to identify defects in the parts and operations to meet your quality standards.

Annotation in Automotive

Image by Hal Gatewood

3D Cuboids

Image by Hal Gatewood


Image by Hal Gatewood

Semantic Segmentation

Image by Hal Gatewood

Lines and Splines


Improve User Experience

Ensure safe driving with a reduction of malfunction in vehicles. Driverless cars to reduce road accidents due to human errors.

Enhance Manufacturing and Maintenance

Minimize the time of manufacturing along with saving the cost of production. Prediction of malfunction helps in the maintenance of vehicles.

Faster Innovation Cycles

With computer vision, original equipment manufacturers can create safer and innovative vehicles with faster production helping them in the long run.

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