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Data Collection

ML Data Ocean provide data collection services to improve machine learning at scale. As a global leader in our field, our clients benefit from our capability to quickly deliver large volumes of high-quality data across multiple data types, including image, video, speech, audio, and text for your specific AI program needs.


Speech Data


Scenario Speech Collection


English Speech Collection


Wakeup Words Collection

Image Data

Image Data

人脸图像采集22019-11-26 18_59_09.jpg

Human Face Image Collection

OCR2019-11-26 18_55_58.png

OCR Image Collection

街景图像采集2019-11-26 18_58_18.jpg

Street View Image Collection

Video Data

Video Data


Gesture Video Data Collection


Human Motion Data Collection


Street View Video Data Collection

3D Data

3D Data

3D人体2019-11-29 13_48_18.jpg

3D Human Body Image Collection

微信图片_201911291405292019-11-29 14_06_17.png

3D Human Face Image Collection

3D手势2019-11-29 13_48_37.jpg

3D Gesture Image Collection

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