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Rectified AI

Precise Results.

With our reliable training data, Confidently deploy world-class AI

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Our pre-built datasets of speech, text, image and video data are available and ready to use.

ML Data Ocean has accumulated 10,000 hours of voice data in 50+ languages and dialects, 3.5 million pieces of image and video data containing 100,000 people, and 4.5 TB of text data.

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MLData Ocean owns an impressive amount of computer vision datasets, covering the human face, human body, gesture, vehicle, street view, OCR and etc.


What We Do

ML Data Ocean provides rectified AI data sets for faster deployment and better results. With better data, you can quickly see the benefits of your AI initiatives through data-centric machine learning.

We offer a vivid range of Datasets for Machine Learning using AI
To match your unique machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) objectives, budgets, and time constraints, ML Data Ocean offers a full spectrum of training data offerings.



We have our data processing team, professional annotators, image annotators, and considerable project expertise in the point cloud, picture, video, speech, and text chatbots development.

We have a professional data collecting team with profound data gathering experience collecting ground truth data, and quality demonstrated by the world’s leading AI firms.

Our specialties

High Quality

The perfect source for high-quality data. Our data is accurate and refined, so you can stay confident in your decisions.

Unbiased Datasets

Our human-in-the-loop approach ensures that all datasets are bias-free.

Data Security

Secure data storage solution on the market, ensuring your data is safe and protected.

Faster Results

With the latest and most accurate datasets, derive faster and more efficient results.


We provide client-centric data solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Our Clients

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